Born out of necessity.
The Foil Box is here to change your work flow.
Maximize your time. Kill your filler moves.
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A portion of the pink foil box proceeds go to support
Highlighting will
never be the same.


Faster foiling

(that saves 12 minutes
each hour of highlighting)


Foil Capacity
for extended use



Born out of necessity

The Foil Box ™ is a tool we highlighting ninjas at Kelly Cardenas Salon can't live without. It's a time saver, the foils stay put, dry, and our guest's hands are free to relax.

The Foil box was originally born out of necessity.  We use to hand cross the foils on the color tray and clip them with hair clips.  Which at first was a brilliant practice new to me when I moved to Las Vegas and started working with Kelly Cardenas Salon. I no longer had to ask guest to hand me foils and I could highlight faster.
However it would take a long time to cross them, then we would run out of clips. The blowdryers nearby would scatter the foils and if anyone spilled a drink on the tray with the foils the whole stack was ruined. I designed the box to speed up the process, eliminate frustration, and keep it nice and neat in the salon.

Currently being used in Ken Paves Salon in Michigan, the Robert Cromeans Salon San Diego, and many more independent salons across the country.

Our stations (50w-200w) can be used to :
Light up.
Charge a mobile phone.
Listen to the radio.
Watch TV.
Plug other DC equipments.
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